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Tips for More Effective Job Hunting

By April 10, 2015November 2nd, 2017No Comments

In today’s competitive job market, it pays to remember the details!

•    Networking – most jobs are filled by word of mouth and who you know – connect with your networking resources
•    Social Media – your Facebook page is a reflection of you  – keep it positive and upbeat, other information about you on the internet  should be complimentary
•    Community Service – get involved in a good cause and include this service on your resume
•    References – should include both personal and work related – good references enhance your potential with employers – have them available as an attachment to your resume
•    Resume – this is you on paper – take the time to make it an effective sales tool for you and an effective screening tool for employers, keep it to one page
•    Job Objective – be clear about your employment objective.  Employers appreciate stated objectives
•    Skills Summary – include a skills summary under your objective and list skills that relate to the job you are applying for
•    Work History – work your way back from your most recent employment (include up to 6 previous jobs), keep job descriptions brief and descriptive, unpaid work experience can also be included
•    Transferrable Job Skills – be prepared to talk about any previous job skills that relate to and fit the current job opening you are applying for
•    Education – list your accomplishments with concise information about areas of study
•    Tools – when tools are required for the job talk about what you have available
•    Stay Positive – about yourself and previous employers
•    Stay Focused – concentrate and give your full attention to the job interview
•    Personal Problems – never talk about personal problems during a job interview
•    Criminal Record – if you have this issue be prepared to address any employer concerns and offer information about the better person you are today
•     Bonding Program – a free program is available that will bond you on the job – mention this as an available resource
•    Body Language- use good posture and make eye contact with the interviewer
•    Dress – wear clothes that are appropriate for the job you are applying for
•    Hygiene – always have good personal hygiene and don’t overuse perfume/after shave/cologne
•    Look Your Best – good grooming makes a good impression
•    Transportation – be prepared to talk about your transportation for work
•    Day Care – talk about your available child care arrangements
•    Company Information – take time to get basic information about the company before you have  your job interview
•    Honesty – is always the best policy, it always pays to be honest. Don’t misrepresent yourself, stand on the merits of your skills, hard work and positive attitude
•    Thank You – always express your appreciation and a thank you to the person who interviewed you and then take the time to send a thank you card/note to this same person. This can give you an advantage, and can also create name recognition and a possible review of your resume.

Congratulations on your efforts to cover the bases and find the right job opportunity for you.
Remember – employers are looking for good people just like you!

by Jack Robinson