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Eagle Scout Projects

Scouts interested in completing an Eagle Scout Project with the Food & Care Coalition must contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 801-373-1825 ext. 408 or by email at [email protected] to schedule a preliminary interview. The FACC works closely with the local Scout District and will honor their expectations of leadership, planning, and volunteer involvement. Scouts should:


  • Propose or solicit project ideas from a FACC representative during the preliminary interview.
  • Fill out the Eagle Scout Information Record form.
  • Encourage parental support and knowledge of the project with the Scout assuming leadership capacity.
  • Communicate with FACC staff before, during, and after the project to assure optimal project results.
  • Participate in an exit interview with FACC staff.
  • Submit copies of your Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook along with other project related materials such as: flyers, inventory list, pictures, and other materials that document your project.

Project Ideas

  • Collection Drives
    • Hygiene Items
    • Laundry / Kitchen Supplies
    • Breakfast Food Drive
    • Sleeping Bag / Blankets / Winter Gear
  • Fill a Special Needs Project or Suggest an Idea of Your Own Choosing
  • Collect Used Bicycles and Repair Them
  • Do a Construction Related Project at FACC Facilities or one of our Transitional Housing Units
  • Make Quilts or Apartment Startup Kits for Clients Transitioning into an Apartment