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Volunteer Opportunities

The involvement of community volunteers is central to the mission of the Food & Care Coalition. In addition to minimizing the fiscal impact on the agency, volunteers provide valuable expertise, leverage needed resources, and offer consistent feedback that continually influences program development and improvement.

Below is a listing of volunteer opportunities offered by the Food & Care Coalition. We are aware that there may be opportunities not listed that may be mutually beneficial. If you would like to contribute in other areas, please contact us directly.

Meal Service

  • Serve Hot Meals
  • Donate Sack Lunches
  • Donate Casseroles
  • Cater a Meal
  • Conduct a Food Drive
  • Sponsor a Breakfast Meal
  • Pick Up Store & Restaurant Donations
  • Donate Store Gift Certificates
  • Conduct a Drive for Hygiene Items
  • Donate Produce from Your Garden
  • Donate Perishable Items Such as Fruits, Vegetables, Eggs & Cheese

Agency Needs

  • Complete a School Internship
  • Provide Janitorial Services
  • Volunteer for Special Events
  • Donate Professional Expertise in Community Storehouse Project
  • Maintain Agency Scrapbook
  • Sponsor a Fund Raiser (Car Wash, Dance, Concert, Etc)
  • Donate Financial Resources
  • Conduct a Social Media Fundraising Campaign

Special Projects

  • Sing During a Meal Time
  • Host an Arts & Crafts Hour
  • Do an Eagle Scout Project
  • Decorate Facility for a Holiday
  • Conduct a Drive for Laundry Supplies
  • Play a Musical Instrument During a Meal
  • Donate & Assemble Apartment Kits
  • Do a Drive for Cleaning Supplies
  • Donate Sleeping Bags / Blankets
  • Sponsor Educational Instruction

Please Note:
For most of the opportunities listed above, volunteers must first contact our volunteer coordinator for scheduling and special instructions. Please contact:

[email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator
801-373-1825 ext. 408