With the intent of maximizing resources and improving services, the Food & Care Coalition actively seeks opportunities to join with other community partners when prudent and mutually beneficial. Clients of the Food & Care Coalition enjoy many services as a result of this cooperative community interaction. Below is a brief description of some of these partnerships.

On-Site Partners

Provides weekly volunteer dental services at the Food & Care Coalition. Services include crowns, dentures, extractions, fillings,  root canals, periodontal care, post build-ups, full mouth restoration and oral hygiene education.
Mountainlands opened their East Bay Health Center at Food & Care Coalition in 2015 with the intent of improving access to medical services to our homeless community. Mountainlands provides an array of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and substance abuse services, further enhancing our service-rich approach to programs.
Wasatch Mental Health is an onsite partner who provides mental health outreach to our clientele through their WATCH program.  Services include: case management, nursing and medicine management, individual and group therapy, and administrative support staff.

Visiting Partners

In 1999, the Food & Care Coalition signed an agreement with the local chapter of the Red Cross, offering its facilities to the community in the event of a community level disaster. Our facility can be utilized as a community food distribution site and meeting location for the Red Cross and other groups directly under its leadership.
Dr. John Aznar has provided chiropractic exams and adjustments through our community storehouse program for several years.  Clients provide community service in exchange for services rendered.  Dr. Aznar works with Utah Valley Regional Medical Services who donate imaging and utilizes equipment paid for through his annual fund raiser on behalf of the Coalition.
Students assist the Food & Care Coalition by providing support staff at our annual Family Fun Day held each Summer, volunteering for meal-related service opportunities, hosting regular “ask a nurse” outreach days, and sponsoring periodic food and hygiene drives to restock diminishing supplies.
Community Action serves as the regional food bank for Utah County.  The FACC and CAS share responsibilities of overnight sheltering in Utah County. CAS serves family households while the FACC offers shelter to single men, women, and couples not accompanied by children.
We approached Deseret Industries in the mid 1990’s with the idea of routing donations to their agency in exchange for an annual grant for client clothing vouchers. The partnership offers clients a better selection of clothing while allowing our agency to focus our time and resources on other priorities.
Provides free eye exams with affiliated doctors and new glasses to individuals who can’t afford them through their “Gift of Sight” program.  Similar to our partnership with Aznar Chiropractic and Share a Smile, clients are required to bank service hours and program orientation to qualify for services.
The association meets monthly to discuss a variety of issues including the various commitments by area clergy on poverty issues. The group has provided feedback, insight, and support through their respective congregations over the past 15 years.  We are appreciative of the shared values and commitment to address poverty issues on a community level.
Each Tuesday during school enrollment, UVU students under the direction of university instructors provide dental hygiene education, cleanings and exams for at-risk populations. The service learning experience has proven beneficial for students and clients alike.  Students are also engaged with other on-site volunteer activities including conducting requested research and supply drives.
Bicycle Collective is a state-wide nonprofit that provides bikes and bike education to the community. Provo Bicycle Collective provides free bikes to our clients who cannot afford to purchase their own. Since its inception in 2002, Bicycle Collective has repaired over 20,000 bicycles and sent them back into Utah communities, including many of our clients here at the Food & Care Coalition.

Project Supporters