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Every year in October, our Pay it Forward activity is dedicated to painting donated pumpkins for people to use at their homes for decoration, to decorate our facility, and to give to businesses that have donated throughout the year. It’s one of my favorite activities and a good chance to get a little creative and a little messy.

Our Pay it Forward service club consists of staff, volunteers, and clients receiving services in our facility who choose to “pay it forward.” This monthly club looks for acts of service that can be performed in our community and broader.

We had amazingly creative people decorating pumpkins this year and here are some of my favorite pumpkins that were painted!

If you’d like to be involved with the Pay it Forward service club, or have ideas for service, please email me at [email protected].

IMG_1750 IMG_1774 IMG_1773 IMG_1772 IMG_1770 IMG_1765 IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1768 IMG_1769 IMG_1764 IMG_1763 IMG_1762 IMG_1761