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blog_building-photo-circleMany who have become familiar with the Food & Care Coalition know that we are entrepreneurial minded and always looking for ways to improve our services while minimizing the budgetary impact on our agency.  A major strategy in accomplishing this objective included partnering with other like-minded service providers who serve Utah County’s homeless population.  Our agency is the first homeless provider in the state to have a direct partnership with the local mental health authority – in our case, Wasatch Mental Health.  By providing space and sharing expenses, we’ve created a superior service model to our clients.  The Share A Smile Foundation represents another partnership that similarly benefits our clients with dental services.

Over the past year we have been in discussions and finalized plans with Mountainlands Community Health Center, a local non-profit medical provider.    On September 1, 2015, the doors to the new Moutainlands East Bay Health Center opened here at Food & Care Coalition for business and will serve the medical needs of our homeless community.  Many of these clients had become reliant on local emergency rooms for care which was both costly and in many cases unnecessary.  We are excited that our homeless friends will have a direct access point to medical professionals who have the training and expertise to address their medical needs.  For more information about services offered, please click on the attached flyer. Medical Clinic Brochure

 post by Brent Crane, Executive Director