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One of my favorite events to be involved with is Bowls for Humanity, which is coming up on March 31stfoodcarebowls-119 This event combines donations of hand-made pottery with donations of delicious soup and offers them for sale to the public.


Bowls for Humanity was my introduction to the Food and Care Coalition, years before I started working here.  I was playing in a band in college, and we were invited to play live music at the 2nd annual Bowls for Humanity.


I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, but didn’t know much about the mission of the Food and Care Coalition.  I took the time to learn about the services offered and why they were neeHelp support our 11th annual Bowls for Humanity fundraiser- March 31stded in our community.  I learned that there aren’t many resources available for people who are homeless in our community, and that Food and Care played (and plays) a huge part in filling those needs and service gaps.  I began volunteering at the Food and Care Coalition, and my band played at a few more events.  When an opening came to work at the Food and Care Coalition, I applied and began working here.

Almost nine years later, I love that the Bowls for Humanity event is one that I get to be heavily involved with.  It reminds me of why I began doing the work that I do, and the small part that I get to play in helping to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.



Please help us spread the word arou20150320-372bout Bowls for Humanity, and plan to attend.  The funds and awareness that we raise at this event help to support much-needed services in our community.

Heather Hogue-Storehouse Director, Food and Care Coalition