Volunteer Check-in

Come Prepared

Attire & Personal Hygiene

  1. Arrive hygiene friendly
  2. No open-toed shoes
  3. Hair worn back or wear hat
  4. No tank tops / immodest clothing
  5. No visible midriffs (stomach)
  • Do not share personal information with clients, provide rides or give money.
  • Report inappropriate language or behavior to staff.
  • Sign in for your shift upon arrival.

Safety First

Role of Health Department

  1. Regulatory Body / Site Inspections.
  2. Improve Quality Control Measures.
  3. Prevent Communicable Disease.

— Do not serve if you are sick.
— No eating, chewing gum, or smoking in kitchen – no exceptions
— No cell phone use is permitted in the kitchen area (other areas are available)

Our kitchen is divided into 3 different areas and volunteers generally should not cross serve between these areas without washing hands.
— food preparation
— dining
— dishwashing

Our Kitchen

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds (use designated hand wash sinks only).
  • Dry hands with towel or with mechanical dryer. Turn faucet off with towel.

Wash hands after:
— touching face or hair.
— handling different foods.
— performing a different kitchen function and then handling food.
— after smoking, using restroom or cell phone

Use latex gloves (still wash) when:

  1. you have cuts on your hands.
  2. handling raw meat.
  3. touching food with hands.
  • To prevent cross contamination, there are two different colored sanitizing buckets for the dining & kitchen preparation areas.

Serving Meals

Setting Tables

  • napkin with cup turned downside.
  • ice water pitchers (2 – 3 per table).
  • salt & pepper (2 sets per table).
Serving Food:
  • Children are served 1st (notify kitchen that you need a child’s portion).
  • Once patron is seated, take tray from serving window and serve
    (1st in = 1st served).
  • No tray can be taken back once served (please dispose of in trash).
  • No “second” servings (patrons receive 3 large portioned meals daily) and only serve food authorized by the cook on shift.


Sanitizing Solution:

  • Wipe down tables, chairs, and equipment.
  • Put away tables and chairs or set up as directed, sweep (first) and mop floors.
  • Use cleaning solution in mop bucket as directed
Under Kitchen Supervisor Direction:
  • Label food with expiration dots.
  • Place food in designated labeled areas of fridge and/or freezer.
  • No food is to be stored on floor
    (must be 6″ off the floor).
  • Dispose of food past expiration or that has been reheated more than once.

Quick Facts

  • There are over 3,000 homeless in Utah on any given night.
  • The average annual household income for clients served at The Coalition is $8,139
  • Agency philosophy and programs work to balance community empathy with personal accountability in services rendered.

Other ways you can make a difference:
— conduct a drive
— donate grocery store gift cards
— complete an eagle scout project
— donate professional services
— join Team Grub