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Want to know what it’s like to volunteer at the Food & Care Coalition?  These volunteer experiences can help you get an idea of the service opportunities available.

Kelly volunteered in August of 2013 serving a meal.  She writes that she was surprised “how nice the facilities were and how people help doing other things when they have eaten here.”  She adds, “I think that is great.”  When asked what advice she would give to people considering volunteering at Food & Care, Kelly said, “Come enjoy helping others.  It is a really nice environment and the people that receive food give back by helping in other ways.  It is great.”

Shawn called helping out at the Food & Care Coalition, “an adventure in service.”  He was introduced to the Food & Care Coalition through his military unit.  He stated, “I’ve remembered it as a good place to serve others.”  When asked about his experience here, Shawn stated, “As hard as life is for me and other around me, I still have so much.”

Elizabeth was surprised by how many people show up to eat each day.  On an average day, Food & Care will serve over 250 hot meals, and provide other services such as showers, laundry, hygiene, shelter, mental health services, dental services, and many more.  Elizabeth helped out by serving food and making sandwiches.  She adds, “It’s a great opportunity for service.”

To learn more about volunteering, contact our volunteer coordinator, Treva.