Tips for Apartment Searches

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If you’re currently looking for an affordable apartment, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • Decide what your price range is with/without a housing voucher.
  • Focus on the areas where you can look for apartments – remember, if you have a voucher from the Provo City Housing Authority, you must stay within the city limits and Utah County Housing Authority vouchers are usable anywhere in the County except in Provo.
  • Apartments listings include; KSL.COM, Craigslist, Housing lists and more.
  • If you are using a housing voucher, be prepared to ask if the landlord accepts Section 8.
  • Always ask to look at the apartment for rent and make sure it’s right for you.
  • Is the apartment furnished, if no, thrift stores are a good resource for furniture.
  • Is the apartment in good condition and do all the appliances work?
  • Location is important, how close are you to the services you will need.
  • Is the apartment in a safe neighborhood? Ask the Police Dept. for info as needed.
  • Complete rental applications neatly and completely.
  • Ask if there is an application fee and be prepared to pay this fee upfront (usually $25.)\
  • Always find out if a credit check or a background check is required
  • Find out how long will it take to process your application\
  • Ask specific questions about deposits, monthly rent and other fees.
  • Find out when is the rent due and who do you pay it to.
  • Ask about the term of the lease, is it monthly, six months or yearly?
  • Read the terms (conditions) of the lease carefully BEFORE you sign it.
  • Ask if there is an onsite manager, if no, then who do you contact when needed?
  • When will the apartment be available?
  • Keep a record of the apartments you checked out and follow-up on the one that’s right for you.
  • Use the landlord packet if you are receiving Section 8 Housing Assistance.
  • Always complete an initial apartment inspection and note any needed repairs or issues.
  • Keep good records of rent paid, repairs made and BE A GOOD RENTER.

Written by: Jack Robinson