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What were your circumstances before coming to the Coalition?

I became homeless in Dallas after employment issues a few years ago.  From what I heard, Las Vegas was hiring, so I decided to relocate and try my luck there.  Needless to say, it wasn’t what I expected.  While there were some employment opportunities, I found it very unsafe and the homeless facilities I went to were horrible.  It was hot and miserable.  After doing some research, I ended up coming to Provo with the little funds I had saved and found a great place to restart my life.

How did your stay at the Food and Care Coalition impact you?

The Coalition provided the resources and shelter I needed to get back on my feet.  Everyone was nice and professional from the start.  Of all the places I’d been, this program actually offered me the time and resources to get back on my feet which I will be forever grateful for.

I already knew of the Food & Care Coalition from my research.  I knew that I was employable and just needed a foundation from which to begin.  It wasn’t near as hot in Provo so I was willing to sleep outside – which I did in the foothills near the city.  Initially I went to the Coalition for meals, shower and shave.  I did an intake but knew they prioritized Utah residents first – but I was willing to wait.  I spent a lot of time on the computer making applications for employment.  After a couple of months in the area, I found out that I was accepted for the Coalition’s housing program.  That same week I was offered a job with Sykes.  With housing and a job and a commitment to saving money, it was just a matter of time until I could get into my own place.

Is there anything you would want the public to know about your story? 

You can’t put a value on having a safe place to sleep, where your personal belongings won’t be stolen every time you turn around, or the feeling that comes by wearing a decent set of clothes, having a regular clean shave and a hot shower.  I’ve been promoted several times at my new job and have been trained in new areas.  Since my expenses are significantly below my income, I’m very optimistic about the future.  I’ve felt a responsibility to move out as soon as I could so another guest could have similar opportunities that I had.  I really just want to thank everyone at the Coalition.  I was expecting a dingy facility with little privacy and experienced just the opposite.  A private room, the ability to work any shift, and a supportive staff that was genuinely interested in my success.