Dental Clinic

The Food & Care Coalition has partnered with the non-profit Share a Smile Foundation to provide on-site dental care for patrons who are currently receiving services through the Food & Care Coalition or other community partners. Currently, the Share a Smile dental clinic is in operation 4-6 days per month, with volunteer dentists providing all of the dental services on site.  During the school year, volunteers from Utah Valley University also provide weekly cleanings for qualifying clients.

Since we have moved into the new building, we have begun providing these dental services on location. Many hands went into designing, building, and equipping the clinic.  The Share a Smile dental clinic operates on a unique premise: clients are required to perform community service rather than offer monetary co-pay for services that are provided. This system gives clients an opportunity to express their gratitude by “paying it forward” into the community. This also allows clients to receive services that they have earned, rather than promoting a sense of entitlement or a hand out.

Currently, we have participation in the Share a Smile clinic from nearly 40 dentists from the community and students from both Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University.  To learn more about services or to get involved, please contact Heather Hogue at 801.373.1825 or email her at [email protected]