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What were your circumstances before coming to the Coalition?

Prior to being accepted into the Coalition’s transitional housing program, I had left a broken marriage and ended up splitting my time between camping up the canyon in a tent for months at a time and staying temporarily with friend after friend.  I even snuck into my sister’s backyard from time to time and slept in one of her vehicles.  I was struggling with addiction and sometimes stayed with people that were not looking out for my best interest or expecting favors in exchange for housing.

How did your stay at the Food and Care Coalition impact you?

Being homeless was difficult for many reasons, however, it was the feelings of embarrassment and shame that were the hardest to overcome.  I had tried making it on my own but poor choices, addiction, and limited resources brought little hope.  When I was accepted for housing, I found a renewed hope and excitement.  I knew that Heavenly Father had offered me a precious blessing.  A safe and secure room where my belongings would not be constantly stolen, there was no man to manipulate me for favors – in essence, my dignity was restored, my belief in myself renewed.  The facility was beautiful and I had such a supportive staff and case manager that taught me some important life skills and who believed in me and my potential.

How have things changed since you left?

My new apartment is amazing.  It is a place of my own and a place where I’ve been able to create my own sanctuary.  I feel human again and feel good enough to be a part of the community again.  I’m in such a good place mentally and emotionally and have the faith that I’ll be able to make good choice after good choice to sustain my new life.