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What circumstances led you to becoming homeless?

I had been renting a place here in Provo and was working two full-time jobs when I began experiencing several health issues. My knees and back were becoming so painful that it was impacting my job. As a result, I started to fall behind on my child support which had never happened before. I had been using Coalition services for a time when I heard about their housing program. I applied and was accepted. It was such a blessing to have a roof over my head and have time to deal with my health issues in order to move forward.

How long did you stay at the Food & Care Coalition and in what ways did this impact you?

I lived here about 9 months. During my stay at the Coalition I found out that I had diabetes which only complicated my health issues. I was able to connect with the WATCH team who were very helpful in assisting with applications for general assistance and disability services. Meeting with case managers each week especially helped me with my emotional health. The combined efforts of the Food & Care Coalition and Wasatch Mental Health really made a difference in my transition.

Where are you now – what has changed since you left?

Because of my change in income I was able to apply for government supported housing through Provo City. One of the reasons I stayed at the Coalition so long was because I couldn’t find any apartments that would accept my housing voucher. I know many of the clients here have experienced the same problem. Housing costs have risen so dramatically and there are few places in our community that offer affordable housing for those on fixed incomes that it is very difficult to find. I’m so grateful to these wonderful agencies that helped me at a difficult time and supported me throughout the process.