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What outside influences led to your stay at the Coalition?

I had been homeless for a period of time and thought I found a way off the streets when I moved in with a relative. However, I soon found out that we had vast lifestyle differences and I was miserable. They were into drugs and partying with strangers coming and going at all times of the day and night. It was not a lifestyle I wanted to live.

The Food & Care Coalition provided you transitional housing. In what ways did this impact you?

First off, I was very appreciative of the homey and supportive atmosphere. Getting out of the awful circumstances I was in was such a relief. Even though there was structure to the Coalition’s living environment, I really enjoyed the feeling of independence I gained, socially meeting with people and making new friends. I was probably one of the longer staying clients – staying for nearly 15 months, but it has all paid off.

Where are you now – what has changed since you left?

I’ve been in my new apartment for 7 months now and simply love it. I was able to choose my apartment, floor layout, and furnishings. It has a beautiful view of the mountains and I enjoy gardening in the garden boxes included with my apartment. I’m so happy, so lucky to be here. I’m working with a payee to make sure my bills are all paid and I’ve been able to purchase a car and computer since moving in. I’ve figured out Facebook which has opened many social opportunities and to stay in touch with friends I met here and who I’ve met throughout my life. My health challenges were pretty significant while I was staying at the Coalition and they have improved dramatically. I encourage any client to get clean, get set up with transitional housing, and follow up with your case managers and the many wonderful programs out there intended to help you. It has truly changed and blessed my life.