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What circumstances led you to becoming homeless?

My roommates and I were living in Provo when the owners decided to sell the property. We were all in a situation where we were trying to find contracts mid-year which is hard enough as it is. However, my situation was more challenging as I had been out of work for about 6 months because of health issues and had nearly depleted my savings. I was pretty desperate having been homeless for 1 ½ weeks when a friend introduced me to the housing program at Food & Care Coalition.

How long did you stay at the Food & Care Coalition and in what ways did this impact you?

Even though I was only homeless for 1 ½ weeks, it felt like a lifetime. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for the many others who endure it for much longer than I had. I was very nervous – even scared – about my future. I felt so blessed to be here and everyone was so incredibly kind and respectful. When I was shown my room I couldn’t believe how nice and spacious it was – it was much larger and nicer than I would have expected. The 6 months that I lived here allowed me sufficient time to stabilize, seek and receive the medical treatment I needed, and devise a plan to make sure I never found myself in this position again.

Where are you now – what has changed since you left?

When people find out that you are not able to maintain a roof over your head, most people view you as less than human, as someone to look down on and ignore – it’s really hard not to internalize that message! All of the people I encountered at the Coalition treated me with respect and kindness and put me in contact with the resources I needed. I was comforted in knowing that I was living with others who understood what it is like and felt very much supported. Anytime I see someone that is homeless or in a difficult living situation, I just want to wrap them in a hug and tell them, “I love you! You are not alone and even though you may not see it, there are many who are rooting for you and have a desire to help”.