With the intent of maximizing resources and improving services, the Food & Care Coalition actively seeks opportunities to join with other community partners when prudent and mutually beneficial. Clients of the Food & Care Coalition enjoy many services as a result of this cooperative community interaction. Below is a brief description of some of these partnerships.

  • BYU Center for Service and Learning – Students assist the Food & Care Coalition by sponsoring mentoring activities, extending staff support to our annual Family Fun Day event held each Summer, and volunteer for meal-related service opportunities. Periodically, they sponsor food and hygiene drives among the student populations to restock diminishing supplies at the FACC.
  • BYU Student Nursing – The student nurses in the RN Nursing Program from Brigham Young University visit the FACC each week during Fall and Winter semesters and offer services including foot care, blood sugar testing, and checking blood pressure.
  • Community Action Services – The Timpanogos Regional Food Bank, a service under the CAS umbrella, offers food boxes to those with housing. CAS administers a variety of additional services such as youth and senior mentoring, administration of the HEAT program, and mortgage counseling. The FACC and CAS share responsibilities of overnight sheltering in Utah County. CAS serves family households while the FACC offers shelter to single men, women, and couples with no children.
  • Department of Workforce Services – Offers monthly job skill training at the Food & Care Coalition focusing on a variety of skill sets such as job seeking skills, interviewing techniques, resume building, and employment resources available in the community.
  • Deseret Industries – For many years the Food & Care Coalition accepted used clothing to disburse to clients in need. However, when the numbers started approaching 40,000 articles each year, the logistics of receiving, sorting, sizing, laundering and disbursement became overwhelming. Deseret Industries was approached with the idea of routing donations to their agency in exchange for an annual grant for voucher certificates. The program has worked wonderfully as clients benefit from a better selection of clothing and the agency has been able to direct its time and resources to other priorities.
  • ESL/Citizenship Classes – Vie Brown, a licensed instructor for the State of Utah, offers weekly classes at the Food & Care Coalition for students needing ESL training and persons who are working to become U.S. Citizens. At this time, only students approved by the State of Utah are eligible for enrollment.
  • LensCrafters – Provides free eye exams with affiliated doctors and new glasses to people who can’t afford them through the “Gift of Sight” program. Alternative co-pay is required of clients who volunteer time at a service organization in the community to receive this service.
  • Mountainlands East Bay Health Center – . On September 1, 2015, the doors to the new Mountainlands East Bay Health Center opened here at Food & Care Coalition for business and will serve the medical needs of our homeless community. Many of these clients had become reliant on local emergency rooms for care which was both costly and in many cases unnecessary.
  • Red Cross – In 1999, the Food & Care Coalition signed an agreement with the local chapter of the Red Cross, offering its facilities to the community in the event of a community level disaster. Our facility can be utilized as a community food distribution site and meeting location for the Red Cross and other groups directly under its leadership.
  • Share A Smile Foundation – Provides weekly volunteer dental services at the Food & Care Coalition. Services include crowns, dentures, extractions, fillings,  root canals, periodontal care, post build-ups, full mouth restoration and oral hygiene education.
  • Utah Mentor Network – Provides benefits to its associated members through mentor training, referral, and public relation activities. Representatives of the FACC attend monthly meetings and events that create awareness and recognize the significant impact that mentoring can have in people’s lives.
  • Utah Valley Ministerial Association – The association meets monthly to discuss a variety of issues including the various commitments by area clergy to poverty issues. The group has provided feedback, insight, and support through their respective congregations over the past 10 years. It is truly wonderful to see the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation that comes from working side by side on such an important social issue.
  • Utah Valley University School of Dental Hygiene – Each Tuesday during school enrollment, UVU students under the direction of university instructors provide dental hygiene education, cleanings and exams for at-risk populations. The service learning experience has proven beneficial for students and clients alike.