In April 1986, local religious leaders, public officials, and concerned citizens met to address the lack of services available in Utah County for homeless and low-income populations.  From these meetings, the idea developed that a new level of support and advocacy was needed to confront this growing community challenge.

The Friends of the Coalition was formed as the solution to the need for more advocacy and program support.  In 1988, Friends of the Coalition was incorporated as a 501c(3) non-profit, exempting it from income taxation and qualifying all community donations as tax deductible.  The Food & Care Coalition, LLC (or FACC) is wholly owned by Friends of the Coalition and serves as its operational entity, providing programs and services.

With the support of board members and community activists, Friends of the Coalition is an organization that promotes community ownership and sensible compassion for those less fortunate.  It also facilitates positive interaction between clients and members of the community in an effort to share common values and lift those who are vulnerable.

buildingfull-photoHaving community volunteers and resources has always been crucial to the agency’s mission.  Involvement by community members, a continued discussion on issues, and help in securing resources strengthens the programs, reduces the financial impact on the community, and generates better results with the people who are being served.

In keeping with this strategy, Friends of the Coalition only has a small staff and relies on volunteers to help run each program.  This keeps the budget minimal, reinforces community ownership, and helps to find solutions to poverty that are compatible with community expectations and client needs.  Our combined religious, cultural, business, and educational foundation in Utah County provides an extremely strong platform to confront the challenge of poverty.