• Current Needs

    Receiving RoomAll of our in-kind donations pass through this room and are then processed, inventoried, and distributed as needed by our staff and volunteers.

  • Barber

    Dining RoomOver 100,000 meals are served every year for our low-income and homeless friends in an environment that is safe and inspiring.

  • Garden

    Raised Planting BedsOur gardening project augments our meal program with fresh produce while providing our clients with a chance to learn new skills.

  • Cans

    Rotating Can RoomFood donations allow the agency to provide nutritiously well balanced meals 365 days a year. Canned food, fresh produce, bakery items, casseroles, sack lunches and dairy products are just some of the items needed throughout the year.

  • Landscaped Path

    GroundsSculptures which depict happiness and humor add to the unique environment desired at the Coalition. Our primary job is to “set the table” for change to occur in the lives of our clients. An uplifting environment is an important beginning.

  • Laundry

    Laundry RoomWhile laundry is something most of us detest, it is a welcomed luxury for those with no place to stay. Laundry appointments are available for both day and residential use clients.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchen>Many community volunteers contribute to the Food and Care Coalition by volunteering for meal service, offering food donations, and pledging monetary support.

  • Jesus Painting

    Painting of ChristWe strive to provide an uplifting and nurturing atmosphere- a safe haven from the outside world. Many inspirational quotes and beautiful pieces of artwork are displayed to remind guests that they are valued and worthwhile individuals.

  • Theater

    Training RoomOur training room offers opportunities for volunteers to receive specific training in safe food-handling practices and experience a video tour of Coalition programs and receive exposure to our service philosophy.

  • Cafeteria

    Dining RoomOver 100,000 meals are served every year for our low-income and homeless friends in an environment that is safe and inspiring.

  • Dentist

    Dental ClinicThrough a partnership with Share a Smile Foundation, there are opportunities for clients to receive much-needed dental work. The project provides dentists and students in dentistry to share their professional talents in meaningful ways.

  • Supplies

    Hygiene RoomApproximately 400 pounds of basic hygiene supplies are distributed each month to Coalition clients. Items are made possible by donations from the community and include: shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, razors, blankets, sleeping bags, coats, gloves, hats, and apartment startup kits just to name a few.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our transitional housing units!

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Homeless But Not Hopeless

The Friends of the Coalition, through its operating entity--Food and Care Coalition, LLC-- provides more than just food to the homeless and low income of Utah County.  We provide hope, dignity, and compassion to individuals who need a hand up in an environment that uplifts and motivates.

What Do We Do?

Our primary mission began as a way to feed the hungry.  Over the years, we’ve expanded to offer other meaningful services, including hygiene, shower facilities, laundry services, internet access, haircuts, emergency shelter, client outreach, and more.  We also partner with Wasatch Mental Health to provide on-site mental health services for our clients, and Share a Smile Foundation to provide dental services for our clients. 

How Are We Different?

Our clients earn what they receive, instilling a sense of self-worth, accomplishment, and service.  Clients go out into the community to volunteer their time in exchange for services, rather than receiving a handout or being given a sense of entitlement.  Many of the services offered are contingent on the completion of community service hours.  We believe that everyone has something they can give back.

Where Are We Going?

We understand that homelessness and poverty are difficult issues that need a holistic approach to solve.  Once open, our transitional living facility will be the first of its kind in Utah County, and will deliver a structured approach to ending homelessness by focusing on work training and education tailored to each individual. 

How Can You Help?

We need you!  We need your time.  We need your talents.  We need your advocacy.  We need your support.  Together we can make a difference, right here in Utah County. 

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