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Poverty in Utah County may not be what you imagine. Read actual stories from people in our community who have experienced homelessness.

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Every year, Food & Care collaborates with Share a Smile to host a triathlon to raise money for dental care for the homeless in our community.

Our mission  is to implement tangible solutions for poverty in Utah County, engage with the community to create opportunities for social change, and balance compassion with personal responsibility.

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Our primary mission began as a way to feed the hungry. Over the years, we’ve expanded to offer other meaningful services, including hygiene, shower facilities, laundry services, internet access, haircuts, emergency shelter, client outreach, and more. We also partner with Wasatch Mental Health to provide on-site mental health services for our clients, and Share a Smile Foundation to provide dental services for our clients.


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We understand that homelessness and poverty are difficult issues to address. However, we believe that...