Where Are We Going?

We understand that homelessness and poverty are difficult issues to address.  However, we believe that our strong community fabric presents the tools necessary to achieve meaningful impact in our community.

Sustainable funding is a primary need and focus as this is what drives our charitable mission.  Nearly 40% of Utah non-profits did not survive the recent economic recession.  Despite the Coalition’s survival, we have significant work to do to ensure that our services are available this year and into the future.  Consistent donations from the public, corporations, and foundations are essential to meeting our annual budget.  We also need our citizens to consider legacy gifts through planned giving and donations to our endowment fund.

The Coalition is committed to utilizing your contribution in a way that will enhance programs and services moving into the future.  While we operate a number of programs from a position of strength, there remains a good number of service gaps in the community coupled with client barriers that need to be addressed.  The Coalition’s aims and activities in the coming years will focus on strategies that address 1) short and long term housing shortages; 2) access to educational programs and opportunities; and 3) identifying work training and employment outlets that will aid our clients in climbing out of the grasps of poverty.