How Are We Different?

The Friends of the Coalition, a 501(c)(3) organization, has under-taken a very aggressive and unique stance in addressing poverty issues in Utah Valley. Mainstream poverty efforts, including many advocacy groups and relief agencies mistakenly perpetuate a spirit of entitlement. We believe that a sustainable and better way exists. Charity must balance compassion with personal accountability in order for real and lasting change to occur.

The Coalition resides in a state of the art 36,000 sq. ft. facility in Provo.  The facility offers many opportunities in which the public can engage and impact poverty efforts in meaningful and productive ways. Basic services such as food, shelter, and access to hygiene services are made available in an environment that is both uplifting and inspiring. Clients are asked to provide service in exchange for many of the services they receive and to participate in the operation of the facility – making them participants in the change process as opposed to an entitled bystander.

The Coalition is seeking community donors who wish to invest their charitable giving into poverty relief efforts that seek to provide the basic services mentioned above in addition to offering educational and training initiatives that provide clients with hope and motivation to change.