Distinguished Community Partner Award (2013) – Brent Crane and Nancy Willes accepted the Distinguished Community Agency Award from the Utah State Bar Pro Bono initiative in June.  The award was given to honor of the Food & Care Coalition for their involvement in establishing the Timpanogas Legal Center who performs outreach to homeless and low-income persons each month at the Coalition’s new facility in Provo.


Innovator of the Year Award (2011) – The State Homeless Coordinating Committee who oversees the administration and allocation of a number of homeless grants, awarded the Food & Care Coalition with the Innovator of the Year Award.  The agency had built a new 36,000 sq.ft. facility in Provo two years prior and had recently completed their transitional housing units.  The facility, unique in design and function, is a model of how collaborative partnerships “can make the whole greater than the sum of its parts”.  The award was presented to Brent S. Crane by Gordon Walker who serves as the Director of Housing and Community Development at the State of Utah.


Allied Agency of the Year (2011) – Jurgen E. Korbanka who serves as the Executive Director at Wasatch Mental Health presented the Allied Community Partner Award to Brent S. Crane who graciously accepted the award on behalf of the organization.  The award is the net result of collaborative efforts between both agencies in establishing mental health services on location at the new facility for the Food & Care Coalition.  The WATCH Program, which offers mental health services to homeless persons, is the first collaborative program in the State of Utah to partner a local non-profit homeless provider with a clinic run and operated by the local mental health authority.


Excellence in Ethics Award (2009) – The board for the Center of the Study of Ethics at Utah Valley State College awarded Brent S. Crane with their distinguished Excellence in Ethics Award.  President Mathew S. Holland presented the award and lauded Mr. Crane for his work in the non-profit sector and his influence in growing and enhancing services made available to the homeless and poverty stricken residing in Utah County.  Past winners of the award have included Jon Huntsman Sr., Karen Ashton, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Kerry D. Romesburg just to name a few.


Senator Reed Smoot Community Service Award (2009) – Was awarded to the Food & Care Coalition at the annual Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce event that honors distinguished service in the community.  Brent S. Crane, the agency’s executive director, accepted the award and gave credit to the many volunteers, donors, and staff that collectively made an impact in shaping the organizations relevance and quality of services rendered.  The award is named after former Senator Reed Smoot who had a distinguished career as a United States Senator, businessman and later as an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Presidential Award (2006) – Corporate Alliance awarded Brent Crane with the Presidential award at their annual CARMA Awards Event held at the Provo Marriot Hotel.  The award was presented by Jeff Rust and honors a member of the association annually who embodies the core values and beliefs of the organization.